Working Papers

Co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez and Dany Bahar.
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Co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez and Maria Urbina
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Co-authors: Juan Fernando Vargas
Co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez and Dany Bahar
The Unintended Consequences of Deportations: Evidence from Firm Behavior in El Salvador [Draft available upon request]
Co-authors: Antonella Bandiera, Lelys Dinarte, Carlos Schmidt-Padilla, Micaela Sviatschi, and Hernan Winkler
Right to Education: Forced Migration and Child Education Outcomes ​[Draft available upon request]
Co-authors: Juan F. Vargas
Discrimination in Times of Crisis [Draft available upon request]
Co-authors: Marisol Rodríguez
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Ongoing work

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Work In Progress

Life Out of the Shadows: Impacts of Amnesty Programs on Migrant’s Life
Co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez, Andrés Moya, and Marisol Rodríguez
Syrian Life Refugee Study: Impacts of a Shelter Program in Jordan
Co-authors: Ted Miguel, Sam Leone, and Emma Smith
How Does It Feel to Be in the Migrant's Shoes? Prejudice Impacts of a Role-Play
Co-authors: Marisol Rodríguez
Refugee Influx and Pro-Social Behaviors
Co-authors: Quy-Toan Do and Caglar Ozden
Weak States: Development Consequences of Guerrillas in El Salvador
Co-authors: Lelys Dinarte, Micaela Sviatschi, and Antonella Bandiera
Are more Diverse Firms more Successful